Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clean your Oven Day

Today is "clean your oven day" at our house! I dread this chore every year. In my mind, I have made it out to be this horrific, time consuming, dirty task that causes dread and anxiety to bubble up in me whenever something spills onto the oven floor.
Well - I finally got so tired of all the filth and grime and decided it was time! I cranked on the 'self clean' and let it do the work. After it ran its course and cooled down, I whipped out my 409 and a sponge and went to work. Surprisingly, seven minutes later I was finished! And here I wasted all that worry and dread on such a little, pitiful task....

So, my encouragement to you. Clean your oven TODAY. Don't think. Just do it!
You will feel better.

And throw away the sponge when you're done.

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