Sunday, February 20, 2011


I had some fun with my girlfriends this afternoon making cupcakes...

Butterflies by Beth

Mums by Maria

And I made baked cherry, blueberry and peach pies

What Fun!!

What's for dinner this week?

Hamloaf and Macaroni/cheese (granny style)
Baked beans/hotdogs
Sweet & Smoky Oven BBQ chicken (white Mennonite cookbook)

When my mom returns from her sewing retreat, we are going to get together so she can teach me some sewing basics. My first project is going to be The Market Skirt. I'm so excited to see how it goes! Now if I prove to have no sewing talent whatsoever, I may reconsider this new hobby and stick with cupcakes...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Today was baking day....

First, we made Sweet Potato Rolls.... rising

Mmmmm.... Nice and warm

Then we made chocolate cookies with PB frosting, courtesy of the tastykitchen blog

And lastly we made Valentine sugar cookies

I'm taking all three things to Small Groups tomorrow.

So what's for dinner this week?

Pork Roast - recipe courtesy of my Uncle Skeeter
Pork Roast, Granny Smith apples, garlic salt, onion salt, season-all, brown sugar and honey mustard all gathered together in my beautiful dutch oven baked on low for several hours.Served with baked sweet potatoes smothered in butter and maple syrup.
Homemade pizza

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Love Saturday Evenings

I love Saturday evenings. As I reflect on today and the activities of this week, I am almost giddy with excitement for Sunday. (And football has nothing to do with it). As a child, I remember “preparing” for Sunday – Cleaning the house, washing the car, and mowing the grass. We wanted to start the week out fresh and clean! Sunday morning was spent in church followed by a meat and potatoes dinner that filled us up and made us sleepy. In the afternoon, we usually put puzzles together (which I don’t have the patience for anymore), played with the cats and enjoyed an afternoon snooze.

So now, even though my house isn’t clean, my car is covered in mud and salt, and my grass is dead, I excitedly anticipate Sunday and still desire to start my week out fresh and clean.

Meanwhile, Ryan just ate three pieces of cake….. “It’s ok, I added milk” ~ Ryan

So as I wind down the evening with a glass of Pepsi (my guilty pleasure), I am happy! I’ve got my roast and potatoes out for tomorrow’s dinner, I’ll play with Oliver instead of cats, pray for a nap, but my puzzles will stay in the closet.