Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Love Saturday Evenings

I love Saturday evenings. As I reflect on today and the activities of this week, I am almost giddy with excitement for Sunday. (And football has nothing to do with it). As a child, I remember “preparing” for Sunday – Cleaning the house, washing the car, and mowing the grass. We wanted to start the week out fresh and clean! Sunday morning was spent in church followed by a meat and potatoes dinner that filled us up and made us sleepy. In the afternoon, we usually put puzzles together (which I don’t have the patience for anymore), played with the cats and enjoyed an afternoon snooze.

So now, even though my house isn’t clean, my car is covered in mud and salt, and my grass is dead, I excitedly anticipate Sunday and still desire to start my week out fresh and clean.

Meanwhile, Ryan just ate three pieces of cake….. “It’s ok, I added milk” ~ Ryan

So as I wind down the evening with a glass of Pepsi (my guilty pleasure), I am happy! I’ve got my roast and potatoes out for tomorrow’s dinner, I’ll play with Oliver instead of cats, pray for a nap, but my puzzles will stay in the closet.


  1. I love Saturday evenings to Candace. The girls and I went to a birthday party earlier, but then came home and watched a cute family movie, and now Anthony and I are watching the A Team. The weekends to me are just about regrouping as a family, the weeks can be so busy, but on the weekends we spend as much time as we can, all together. =)
    So glad you started a blog, sorry I never got those ones to you I was telling you about, Ill have to see if I can't send them to you =) Looking forward to keeping up with you! =)

  2. Candace, Wava gave me a heads up that you have this blogspot. You write so well and with feeling. Reminds me of "Pioneer Women"!