Friday, January 14, 2011

Hurry!! Muffin is sleeping....

When Muffin finally falls asleep, my mind races with what to do first. The first two thoughts that ALWAYS come to mind are washing my dishes and cleaning my toilets. The first I can understand but the second keeps me guessing. Am I secretly feeling frantic that someone will need to use my "unclean" toilet and immediately perceive me as a horrible housewife because my toilets are dirty? If my toilets are dirty, then everything else must be falling through the cracks too.... (ha - no pun intended)
Well anyway, I did first clean my toilet and now I'm blogging. I feel better.

What is on my menu this week?

Chicken Spaghetti (The Pioneer Woman)
Deer Tenderloin - just popping it in the crock pot with some Onion Soup Mix and Cream of Mushroom Soup
Enchiladas (The Pioneer Woman) - minus the green chillies and black olives
Garlic Cheese Bread (The Pioneer Woman) - am SUPER excited about this!
And for the most exciting - Spaghetti Cupcakes for my nephew Brandon. I can't wait to post pictures :)

It is in my Hello Cupcake book (Thanks Jo! My favorite cookbook). I just yahoo-ed it (is that a word?) and found out that they have published a new one. And it just so happens that I have a B&N gift card!!!! Did I mention that I LOVE making pretty cupcakes?!

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