Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favorite Bargins

I am always looking for a great bargain. I don't want to be known as a tight wad but as someone who is a good steward with God's money! I love to see how far I can stretch a paycheck, because my hubby works so so hard for them!

Warning - I AM AN AMAZON JUNKIE. Just wanted to throw that out there.

1. Diapers - I get my Pampers, size 4, diapers for $0.20 a piece at Amazon. I have not found them cheaper anywhere else.

Amazon has this great "Subscribe & Save" program. If you sign up to have automatic delivery of household/baby items, Amazon knocks off 20%. And you don't have to do anything to reorder. They just come how often you like (1 month/3 months/etc.)

2. Toilet Paper - My hubby is a Charmin Man :) I get my Charmin Ultra Soft from Amazon too. For $28.56, I get 10 packs of 4 double rolls for a total of 40 double rolls. That is $0.71 a roll. Who wouldn't like getting 40 rolls of TP delivered to your door? And it doesn't take up any cart room.

3. Laundry Soap - I don't pay anything for my soap, other than the original cost to make it. Make your own - use this link

4. Chicken Stock - instead of buying chicken bullion cubes, I buy Instant Chicken Broth (it's a powder) and use 1 tsp. per 1 cup of water. For $2.60, you can make a lot of stock, and have no more aggravation trying to break up that dry cube. A lot of folks make their own broth, but this works great for me!

5. Milk - I love getting my milk at Walgreens. The normal price for 1 gallon of milk is $3.79 (Or around there) and every couple weeks, it goes down to $2.79. Now that's a low price. Our Wal-Mart milk is $4.04.

If I think of any more, i'll let you know. But those are some of my favorites. I would love to hear yours too :)

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  1. you go girl! Guess your hubby grew up with Charmin Ultra Soft:) I agree with your chicken stock...way better and quicker! Still want to try your laundry soap recipe yet! I enjoy reading your blog!