Saturday, February 4, 2012

DIY Project

So I've been wanting to spruce up Oliver's room and needed something for his walls. I plan to get a shelf of some sort for his tractors. But I also wanted something else too. So I made this...

I really like the idea of framing fabric. Next time, I don't think i'll use stripes though.

I got the original print and frame from Goodwill...

I trashed the nasty, ugly print (after eBay-ing it to see if it was worth boo-coo's of money, of course)

And taped the fabric over the glass and cardboard. I'm sure there are better ways than tape to do this.

I spray painted it with a periwinkle satin, after hubby sanded it a little.

And tada - ended up with this. Now I just need hubby to hang it somewhere???

Here are some more pictures of Oliver's room. Feel free to share any ideas on how to improve it :)


Happy Saturday All!


  1. I love the wall color! Sorry it isn't an idea to improve it. ~Liz Strite

  2. You could spray paint the pinkish, reddish lamp shade. Would that help? :) I also like the wall color!!

  3. How about lettering with bible verses or nursery rhymes.

    1. Great idea! I have been thinking a lot about wall decal stickers. Maybe i'll do that :)