Saturday, October 15, 2011

Project #7

I know. I know. It takes me 10 years to complete a project. Some of my blogger "friends" can whip things up in an afternoon, but I will dabble here and there when I have a few free moments.

Here is Simplicity 2461

My favorite part is the fabric and those front pleats. The pattern called for a gathered waist, but I prefer these pleats. It also called for gathered sleeves, but I much prefer this look. As much as I love Anne of Green Gables, I do not like puffy sleeves!

I also added the red trim on the sleeves. This is size 1/2 (28" tall).
My girlfriend asked me why I always make girl stuff. It was a great question beings that I only have a boy. Basically, there aren't many boy things to make in the fabric world that don't look "homemade". I am on the lookout though, so Oliver doesn't feel left out. And girl things are so much more fun to make!

This is what happens when I am sewing, and Oliver starts feeling neglected.

And Oliver and I at Granny's last month

Poor muffin is finally getting his first tooth. From the looks of it, it looks mighty cute and healthy. Let's hope we see more soon!

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