Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project #3

I've been working on this project for quite a bit. I made a few mistakes and had to remove some stitches and start all over....
I just love this gray fabric

Don't look at my corners. Pretend they are perfectly turned under and seamless. See? Aren't they beautiful :) 

I'm really excited about my next project... Here is a sneak peak

So muffin and I have been sick.. Bleh! I'm not very good at taking care of a sick baby when i'm sick myself. It was really difficult and challenging, but we made it through! Here is a cute picture of our healthy boy.

I'm crazy about this kid!

So hubbs, chubbs and I love to take little strolls out the lane. We recently stumbled across these:

I really love those speckled eggs from our little killdeer. This little fella tagged us as predators and used his "broken wing act" to distract us. It was amazing! Ryan gave me a little bird lesson on our stroll. Evidently, when killdeer feel their babies are in danger, they distract the predator away from the nest by pretending to have a broken wing. Once we had followed the bird away from the nest, he quickly "healed" and flew back to the nest. I just love how God gave these birds specific instincts to protect themselves and their babies. Isn't it incredible!

Happy Saturday!

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