Monday, July 18, 2011

Project #4

I am excited to finally show you my project #4! Although this project should only take a few hours to complete, it took me about two weeks (a few minutes here and there).

The fabric just gives me the giggles - I love it so much!

I just LoVE those pin-tucks! The original pattern had the pin-tucks every inch, but I did two inches (just to get it done quicker).
With the fabric I have leftover, i'm going to make a valence for my laundry room. The material matches my laundry room rug perfectly!
Here's the Pattern

My menu's have taken a backseat for the past week. My husbands family is here visiting for a few days, and I have been dining at my in-laws table quite often. My mother-in-law is a fabulous cook (who doesn't use recipes and makes it difficult for me to duplicate anything :)) and I really enjoy eating at her table!

The two dishes I do have planned for this week are:

Smoked Kielbasa and Rice
Honey Mustard Chicken

I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone a little... We'll see how that goes. It it fails, I will race back to my pasta, cheese and butter and beg for forgiveness!

My Sunday School teacher encouraged us on Sunday to make a list of things that bring us true joy. So, I've been thinking about it and have chosen my top five to share with you:

Date night with hubbs!
Oliver's giggle
Finishing a project, task or a bottle of lotion
A cup of hot cider curled up under a blanket
Pumpkin Roll

Now - who will be eliminated in MasterChef??? I'm addicted!

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