Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY Project - Fabric Softener

This is fantastic! I just made this today and tried it out. Yo - check it out dude (in the words of Randy Johnson) tehehe

6 cups water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups Suave Conditioner (I used Refreshing Waterfall Mist). The original post called for Mint/Rosemary but my lovely Walgreens didn't have it. This conditioner only cost me $1.

Combine in a 1 gallon bucket

Looks kinda weird.

Stir it around. I had to use a whisk to get all the "chunks" out. The original post said to warm the vinegar and conditioner for a bit before combining. But I didn't read it carefully enough.

And tada! Almost 1 gallon of fabric softener for under $2! I tried it today and was pleased. I filled up my slot in the washing machine and the scent wasn't very strong at all. The original post called for 1/2 cup per load.

This girls got some great ideas! Homemade dryer sheets?? I'm not sure about those yet.... Hubbs would get a kick out of that one for sure!

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