Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guy Food

Over the last seven years of wedded bliss, I have had the priviledge of cooking for my husbands friends. (Well, they're my friends too but you get the idea) And as much as I love to cook for girls, cooking for guys has some great advantages:

1. Guys don't care about presentation. You don't need pretty plates, fresh herbs sprinkled on top or lemon slices.

2. Guys generally don't care about nutrition. (That is, the guys I usually cook for). Breaded and fried with a side of Texas Pete and Tums are usually a win win.

3. Guys are simple and easy to please. If you serve soda and chips, they are happy. If you serve several appetizers, they are grateful.

I had a fun opportunity to cook for a few guys yesterday, and here is what we put together:

Photo from Annie's Eats

Stuffed Mushrooms (we didn't add the fancy herbs on top)

Little Smokies - cooked in a crockpot of chilli sauce and grape jelly (no comments please...)

Chips and Salsa

Photo from Annie's Eats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

These turned out a bit dry for more taste. I baked them a bit too long.

Hopefully soon, I can entertain some girls and post some fun girl food too!

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  1. Looks good girl...wish I could be entertained by ya and have some fun with the girls! Please have a post when you do the fun girl food :) Michelle C