Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is Over...

We are entering a new season. While it does give you a fresh opportunity to kick a bad habit, resolve an issue, discover a new hobby or make some changes in your life, it always seems to take my joy.

Don't get me wrong - I love sitting indoors, drinking my pumpkin spice cappuccino and reading a book. But it's the combination of cold, grey and bare that takes me. Two years ago was a hard winter for me. I had just found out I was pregnant (to which we were thrilled and terrified all at the same time), and we received a large amount of snow for our area. I was trapped indoors for a while, not feeling well and didn't have much motivation to do anything. Bleh is about the best way to describe that winter.

So, as I reflected on that previous winter, I decided to kick the gloom and not let it take control of my life this year. My plan for January through March is to occupy myself with projects to distract me from the nasty awfulness that is going on outside. They are....

1. Work on Oliver's room. Right now, it is a collection of all his outgrown baby stuff (car seat, bouncer, etc.) I don't have anything on the walls, and it looks a little sad :( I would like to put up some wall stickers and a shelf of some sort. Oliver has collected an assortment of tractors, back-hoe's and other pieces of farm equipment, and it would be nice to display them.

2. Finish my Christmas quilt :) Apparently, I didn't boogie fast enough.

3. Conquer a cooking fear. Each winter, I like to pick something that scares me to death and try it out. I have resolved my fear of pumpkin rolls, cinnamon rolls and gravy. Any suggestions? Maybe doughnuts... or Smith Island Cake! :)

Any of you sympathize with the winter blues? What have you done that helps?

The deep love of Jesus is all we need and trust! Check out this great YouTube video of Sovereign Grace.

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