Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinner and a Good Read

So, it has been a long time. I can only blog when Oliver is sleeping, and that has been an issue for the past while. Up until a few weeks ago, when I laid Oliver down to sleep, he might cry for 5 minutes before falling asleep. Now, he cries for thirty or more minutes, before falling asleep or making me crack under the pressure and rescuing him from, what he sees as an awful ordeal.

When I don't know how to deal with situations, like parenting for example, I turn to books. I rely on the wisdom given to Christian folks to help me through. One of my favorite authors and speaker is Dr. Kevin Lehman. His book First-Time Mom: Getting off on the Right Foot from Birth to First Grade has been a wonderful resource!

So, what am I doing to get Oliver through this stage (I hope it's a stage)? I let him cry. I set a boundary of how long I will let him continue and stick to it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Yesterday, his afternoon nap lasted 30 minutes. And that was me holding him because he refused to sleep in his crib. I don't want to start that trend, so today I need to change my game plan for this afternoon. And pray my way through it.

As far as dinner is concerned:

We had Chicken Enchiladas Monday evening. I used C. Yoder's receipe in the GMS cookbook.

Tonight we're having Baked Manicotti. (Mel's Kitchen Cafe is a great blog, from what i've seen)

Photo from Mels Kitchen Cafe

And finishing off the week with R. Carters Country Style Chicken found in the GMS cookbook.

For breakfast on Monday, I made hubby Sausage Pinwheels. All you do is roll out some crescent rolls, spread some raw sausage all over, roll them up (from the long edge) and bake. Delish! Don't over cook them like I did.

And changing the subject completely - I'm pretty sure we have 2 roosters in our mix of hens. They were scoping me out yesterday when I collected our eggs. Two eggs that is, from 10 chickens. I think they're on to us. And hiding the goods.

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