Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Oliver

Our Oliver is 1.

When I had Oliver, many people told me to enjoy each moment because they will fly by. They were correct, for the most part. When I look back over the past year, this time went by very fast; however, there were many days (even months) that seemed to creep along at a snails pace. Why is it that the hardest and most frustrating days seem the longest and the best days are the shortest? I want to change that. 

We had a wonderful party with family to celebrate Oliver's special day!

He received so many wonderful gifts that are now entertaining him so I can write :)

He really had a fun time with his cake.

I made him an individual cake with cool whip icing, and he just devoured it! Crumbs everywhere!

Here is the cake I made for the rest of us "non-devouring" eaters :) I made 7-minute frosting for the first time and it turned out good. It has a marshmallow taste/texture. Really different.

I love these Little People animals. They came with his little Red Barn we got him.

So no meals planned for next week. I will be out of town for most of the week visiting my Granny. Hubbs will be on his own for a while. I think he will make it. He's a sandwich man!

I hope to work on some sewing projects during my visit and post some finished products soon!
Happy Friday All!

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