Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Project #6 and What's for Dinner?

So, it's Wednesday morning - 10:28. Muffin is fast asleep. And I'm hungry. How is your morning?

Oliver had his 12 month vaccinations on Friday morning (4 in his chubby thighs) and he broke out in hives. They are terrible looking. (google them for a glimpse of disturbing images). So we rushed him to a walk-in clinic and they put him on steroids. After picking up the prescription, I scanned the side affects section anxiously looking at how this would affect his sleeping patterns. (by the way - I can never remember when to use effect/affect) When a prescription bottle for a young babe reads "may cause difficulty sleeping", I suddenly become very anxious at how this will affect (or effect) the next 10 days. Not that every mother looks for "may cause drowsiness" on the label.......  Although, sleeping may help Oliver relax a bit more, since he has been very irritable since his shots.

None the less. He is improving. I hope our next endeavor is teeth. Poor boy is still toothless at 1 year!

Project #6 is done. It came from a pattern that I didn't write down and already returned it to its owner. But it is a standard style girls dress (3T) that you could find with McCalls or Simplicity.

I got the fabric from JoAnne's for $2.50/yard. Yeah - I was pretty pleased.

So what have we been having for dinner this week?

Ham Balls/Shredded Cheddar Potatoes
Pulled BBQ Pork
Mini Pepperoni Calzones (from Sandra Lee Comfort Food)

I was checking out Sandra Lee's website looking for that calzone recipe so I could post it here but couldn't find it. I did; however, find this recipe for Mini Apple Spiced Glazed Donuts. I've gotta try these.
Every winter, I try to get over my fear of cooking a certain food. For example, in the past 3 years I have braved cinnamon rolls, sweet potato rolls, pumpkin roll and gravy. Maybe I should try donuts this winter? Any other suggestions? Whenever it snows, my mother-in-law makes donuts, and they are delish! I like to make cinnamon rolls. What do you make when it snows?

//           fnfdxxxxxxxv - That's from Muffin. He says hello.m,,,,,sggg  /nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn/////////////ggvbbvbbvvvv


  1. Is the dress for sale? I'd buy it for my niece. :) Looks great!!! Dinner tonight is pork chops in the crock-pot... my fave recipe! Cheesy rice, strawberry spinach salad, Hawaiian rolls,and monster cookies w/ fruit.

  2. What do I make when it snows...........quilts!
    Nnskkkkkdjjjuey. Hbbbbjmm.,,kmjnn. Muffin will understand.
    Candice I always love your posts. You take care.

  3. Connie - Yes I would like to sell the dress, but embarrassing for days! I'm sure my sewing skills fall far short from you or your sister :) My mom and I (and maybe Joanna) plan to visit Granny next week so I will bring it then and let you take a look at it. I would be pleased with $10, but I want to make sure you are happy with it first.
    And please pass along the pork chop recipe :)

  4. Candace I would love to have you come over next time I make doughnuts and let you help me! Let me know when! I am impressed with our sewing skills! Way to go girl:)