Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project #1

I am almost finished with my first sewing project and thanks to the help of my wonderful Mother, I have cute little kitchen curtains.

I loved how they turned out. I just have one more valence to do, and i'll be done! It was a lot of fun, and i'm looking forward to my next project!

Please forgive me for posting such awful pictures, but I have no talent in taking pictures and my camera doesn't focus very well (or i'm not doing something right)

As of this afternoon, today felt like a lazy day for me. In an effort to dismiss that feeling, I went outside and trimmed up my front flower bed, and I feel much better! I love seeing the new growth under all the dead branches and leaves.

What's for dinner this week?

And probably some homemade pizza on Friday night.

And lastly, my great sister just gave me these beautiful new kitchen towels she found at Marshall's (my favorite place). I LOVE anything with little birdies on them :)

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